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It's been a quiet week in Cardom, so for Autoblog Podcast #92 we take time to address some of the excellent emails we've gotten at our new podcast at autoblog dot com address. Feel free to send in questions, comments, SHO-centric ribbing, whatever! We can't promise that it will make it onto the 'cast, but it just might. Before we dive into the binary mailbag, we discuss some of the vehicles that we've been sampling - so basically Damon talks about what he's been hooning around in at track events

The new Jaguar XF is undoubtedly a handsome car, albeit slightly marred by the awkward look of its headlights. It's also a crucial model for Jaguar as the carmaker's future is basically pegged on the success or failure of the new volume-seller. Because of this, developing several more variants of the car would be a smart a move as it should enable Jaguar to sell more cars.