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Villeneuve heading to France to go ice racing

There are any number of racing series around the world that are eager to welcome former F1 drivers onto their grids – and Jacques Villeneuve has tried nearly all of them. Traditional outlets have included DTM and Le Mans, to name just two, but lately retired grand prix drivers have found their groove again in such varied series as NASCAR and the World Rally Championship.

Villeneuve and Durango looking to buy out an existing F1 team?

The FIA may have rejected their bid to field a new team, but don't count Jacques Villeneuve and Durango out for the count just yet. According to reports from the paddock, the joint venture composed of a former world champion and an Italian racing team is going old-school in

One More Time: Villeneuve taking last shot at getting back into F1

They say it's best to quit while you're ahead. But then, Jacques Villeneuve hasn't been ahead in quite some time. The former World Champion hasn't been on the grid – at least, not the Formula One grid – in four years. But even when he was, his performance had slipped drastically since winning it all in 1997 and the Indy title in '95. Still, he's the most successful North American driver on the world stage, and he's prepared

Villeneuve may begin NASCAR career with trucks

Earlier in the year, Jacques Villeneuve made a failed attempt at following in the footsteps of Juan Pablo Montoya with a switch from racing F1 cars to NASCAR. While Montoya cut his teeth in the Busch Series before entering the Nextel Cup, Villeneuve couldn't cut a deal and was left holding nobody's steering wheel for the 2007 season.