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J.D. Power and Associates created the Power Information Network (PIN) in 1993 to collect and analyze dealer transactions on new and used cars. Power uses the data from more than 10,000 dealerships to "improve business for automotive dealers, manufacturers, lenders, and other companies in the industry." The wider use of consumer data captured at the point-of-sale is what concerns dealers, and it's probably that reasoning which has led to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) partneri

Consumers like new cars. That's the shocking result of the 2006 J.D. Power and Associates Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout Study, which measures owner "delight" with the design, content, layout and performance of their new vehicles. The 11th annual APEAL (get it?) study found that all-new models or models with an extensive redesign received higher APEAL scores, which are usually linked to better sales and higher profits for carmakers.