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Israeli researchers develop small, lightweight hydrogen storage tech

Just a few days ago, we told you about Germany's commitment of $2 billion for the construction of at least 1,000 hydrogen refueling stations. A month ago, we learned about London's decision to build a network of hydrogen filling stations in time for the 2012 Olympics. Bu

Will Israeli military be a Better Place?

Better Place may be getting a helpful boost as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are considering installing the company's infrastructure to charge future electric jeeps and troop carriers, as well as civilian cars. Better Place has close Domenick Yoney

Better Place to test A123 batteries in American car?

A123 Systems may (repeat, may) have lost out on being the initial supplier of Chevy Volt batteries but that doesn't mean they are down and out. In fact, it appears that their lithium-iron-phosphate batteries will have energy storage duties for the electric cars of

Better Place all-electric Renault delayed?

Bad news for fans of the Better Place plan - maybe. According to a report on an Israeli business website, Renault executives at a conference in Geneva have said that the electric car bound for Israel, to be franchised by Shai Agassi's Better Place, will be delayed by a year. However, the website also states 2011 as the new launch date which is basically when Renault has origi

BYD getting Israeli partner to compete with Renault and Better Place

If competition spurs companies to improve the quality of their offerings and the speed with which they innovate, then we may soon expect more from Shai Agassi's Better Place and its partner in Israel, Renault. While BYD already announced they would be selli

Electric Palestinian Peugeot proves popular, but will it bring peace?

Having the family car converted to run on electricity has become a very popular concept in Palestine. Since we told you about the Peugeot prototype, the two men behind the project, Waseem Khazendar and Fayaz Anan, have heard from over 400 folks willing to throw down the $2,500 they say it would cost to do the work. Only there's one small problem: because of the Israeli blockade currently in place, t

Piaggio to sell electric vans in Israel ... next month!

Piaggio, the scooter maker best known for making Vespa, will be the first to sell electric vehicles in Isreal, in just one month. According to Ha'aretz, the electric vehicles will be Piaggio's Lascelles Linton

It's official! Project Better Place, Renault signs deal to bring electric cars to Israel

We told you there would be news today of a Project Better Place+Renault deal for electric cars and sure enough, here it is. The Project Better Place website has updated with new images and information. There is a

Israeli government passes "green tax" on cars

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Israeli government passed a "green tax" on cars Sunday. The tax was first proposed by Finance Minister Ronnie Bar-On (pictured) and constructed by Boaz Sofer of the Tax Authority. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says "the state of Israel is doing its utmost to be a leading country in the field of alternative energy, which is the energy of the future

Shai Agassi: Israel will have 100,000 electric cars in 2 years

Update: The Globes article has been removed and Shai has posted an entry to his blog denying this rumor.

Renault says they might build electric car factory in Israel, partner with Project Better Place

Recently, we told you about rumors of a possible partnership between Renault and Project Better Place. Renault spokesperson, Rochelle Chimenes, confirmed Wednesday that Renault is talking to Project Better Plac