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Zap "made for iPod" electric cars at Macworld Jan. 15-18

Zap will be at Macworld San Francisco (January 15 to 18 at booth #545, 546) showing off their new "made for iPod" electric cars. The docking station for iPods in Zap's electric cars will allow your iPod's music to be pumped through the car's speakers and the iPod battery to be charged with ZAP's Recharge-It-All system. After the preview at Macworld, the iPod docking will begin to appear in Zap's electric cars at the end of 2008 and every Zap car from then on.

Microsoft and Siemens partner for in-car entertainment system

Siemens and Microsoft have announced a joint partnership to develop the next generation of in-car entertainment and sat-nav products, which, much like the Ford/Microsoft Sync system, will allow users to connect everything from mobile phones to media players. Recognizing that standalone audio systems are quickly becoming a thing of the past, the new system seeks to integrate every facet of the "digital lifestyle" into

Only the beginning: hard drives in cars

There's already been a silent technology explosion in automobiles over the last ten years. Command and control has become largely a computerized affair. With high and low speed data buses throughout the automobile, your car is basically a network. It used to be that you'd press the power window switch and current would flow to a motor, or it would trigger a relay. It was simple to execute in the design and manufacturing stages, and troubleshooting was a matter of time spent with a test light and

NPR's Car Talk podcast added to iTunes Music Store

Car Talk is celebrating 20 years on NPR, and the self-effacing, often goofy show is now available in iTunes. It's exciting to "play along" and see if you come up with the same answer as brothers Tom and Ray, an now you can do that at your leisure. We have our local NPR station's schedule memorized, but sometimes it's just not possible to catch the show when it airs; throwing a tantrum won't always get you your way. The show certainly has its detractors, and some of the content can tend toward so

VW + LG = MP3

The German automaker has teamed up with LG to produce a special MP3 player designed and branded as the Beetle of personal music devices. Rather than simply slapping a Vee-Dub logo on any old contraption, LG designed a fresh product for Volkswagen. Although the shape is the same rounded-corner block as any other on the market, it has a user interface said to be inspired by the New Beetle and is offered in Volkswagen colors including Salsa Red, Shadow Blue and Sunflower Yellow. Of course, it al

Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes #4: UPDATE

Heading into the weekend and all the festivities surrounding the Detroit Auto Show means we won't have another chance to remind everyone to enter the Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes #4. The prize at stake in our final celebration of the new Autoblog Podcast is an 80GB iPod Video valued at $349. So far we've received more votes quicker than any of the other three sweepstakes, which is to be expected considering the carrott at the end

Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes #3: Winner announced!

Congratulations are in order for Patrick S. whose submission to the Autoblog Podcast Relaunch Sweepstakes #3 was randomly selected as the winner. Patrick will receive an 8GB iPod Nano just for listening to the show.

Jada Toys' I-Playaz VW Beetle iPod speaker

Brother blog Engadget just tipped us off to something they thought we might like just as much as they did. It's a new iPod speaker system from Jada Toys. Not that the world needed another iPod speaker system, but this one is a whole lot of fun. This one, in fact, comes in the funky shape of a classic Vee-Dub Beetle. The Jada Toys' I-Playaz VW Beetle will sell for $29.99 and is probably the perfect choice for listening to anything from the Fab Four. The Beetle comes in a classic two-tone red over

Audi Music Interface takes iPod integration to a new level

The Audi super-forum, Fourtitude, recently had a chance to sample the automaker's newest attempt at iPod integration in an S8, while joined by Audi of America's Product Planning Manager Filip Brabec. The new system, dubbed the Audi Music Interface (AMI), builds on the MMI system in the A3, A4, S4 and RS 4 models. Although the system appears to be one of the best at getting full functionality out of Apple's iPod, other brands of MP3 players should work just as seemlessly with the use of seperate

The auto safe

The safes span in price from $100 to $300 depending upon their size.

Steve Jobs hearts Autoblog

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Will Sirius and XM merge?

Apparently the industry is tired of talking about the potential alliance between General Motors and Nissan/Renault, so we've moved on to a new potential alliance, that of Sirius and XM. Both companies comprise the only players in the satellite radio business, so if the two were to pair up the resulting company would have quite the monopoly. It's not a monopoly of much, as neither company has been able to turn a profit since each began.

Audi Tracks hit the Audi Deutschland web site

In case you were in dire need of some tunes to accompany you while driving through the streets of, er, tomorrow, the Audi Deutschland web site hooked us all up with some cool free tunes, including soundtracks for various vehicles, including the A6 (a personal favorite), R10 and A3. Our German is a little rusty, but it appears you can download the songs by clicking on the little folder on the upper left hand edge of the viewer.

Sirius gaining ground on XM

Having just reviewed an Audi A3 with Sirius satellite radio and an active subscription, I can honestly say that I seriously enjoyed listening to Howard Stern again after months of being cut off cold turkey. It turns out millions of people followed the shock jock to his new residence on Sirius satellite radio, and the company saw a 64-percent growth in new subscribers versus the first quarter of last year. That amounts to 600,640 new subscribers, versus rival XM's addition of 398,000 new subscrib

VW adds USB port to some European models

Though many companies have solved the dilemma of playing digital music in your car by adding auxiliary (iPod) inputs, that solution still renders all your USB flash drives useless. Volkswagen, however, has announced that a number of its vehicles in Europe can be ordered with a USB port in the center console. This type of port would connect not only to an iPod or other digital music player, but could also connect to a laptop or read audio files directly from a USB flash drive. While it appears th

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