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Navistar suing Ford... again

Ford and Navistar are once again going to court over the automaker's plans to develop a 4.4L diesel engine inhouse for the F-150. The original lawsuit was thrown out last June, with the judge ordering the two corporations to iron out their differences in mediation. Since no progress has been

UAW strikes at International Truck and Engine Corporation

First GM, then Chrysler and now International Truck and Engine Corporation ... Beginning at 5 o'clock EST UAW members went on strike at all ITE union facilities. The UAW contract ended October 1st, but union members were urged to continue working despite the absence of a new contract. It was expected that an agreement was in short reach. However, now the negotiations have completely broken down and the UAW cites ITE's unfair labor practices as the reason. The UAW states it will return to negotia

Ford Super Duty production cut in wake of Power Stroke dispute

Amid all the other problems facing Ford, now they're having to cut production of one of their most in-demand and profitable vehicles just weeks after launching it. Three quarters of the 200,000 Super-Duty pickup trucks that Ford sells annually are equipped with the Power Stroke diesel V-8 made by International Truck. In the previous generation of the trucks, the 6.0L version had an unusually high number of warranty problems. This caused Ford to sue International in January to try and recover som

Trucks ready to roll on EPA's 2007 clean diesel spec

Industry organisation, Diesel Technology Forum, has announced that all major heavy-duty truck and engine manufacturers have met new Environmental Protection Agency standards for emissions cuts and have been certified by EPA for full production. To meet the new emissions requirements, new long-haul trucks are equipped with particulate matter filters which result in 2007 models

Your next utility emergency could be handled by a hybrid truck

A variety of segments in the heavy-truck industry could be well suited to hybrid drivetrains, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) is showing off a couple different types at its Hybrid Vehicle expo.