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Starting November 1, Nissan will run a two-month pilot program to test an intelligent transportation system in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. Like other ITS and vehicle communications systems, the primary focus is safety and improved traffic flow. The big side benefit of such systems is reduce fuel consumption and pollution. By proactively reducing accidents and congestion on city streets, vehicles can spend less time sitting idling or crawling along to get past obstructions.

Some car companies do a lot more than design more fuel-efficient vehicles in their quest to buff up their green credentials. While Nissan is working on the vehicle side of things with the "Green Program 2010," the company is also offering "CarWings," a way for drivers to track their driving habits (see links below). Moving beyond the vehicles themselves, Nissan announced today it is beginning the next text phase of its intelligent transportation system (ITS) project, which coordinates signals be