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Toyota's i-Real answers the quintessential question: "How can I let my legs atrophy, while simultaneously looking sillier than someone in a Segway?" Here's your answer.

My favorite concept car at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show is Toyota's I-Real, a chair concept car, so I dug around for some videos of the thing moving around. You can watch videos of the I-Real and iSwing, another concept chair vehicle by Toyota, in action below the fold. I also found another video of the of Nissan's Pivo 2 robot, a worm-headed thing that watches how you feel and goes crazy if you are sad. If you don't cheer up, it won't let you out of the car saying "I am afraid I can't do that, Dav

Picking up the extreme personal mobility theme last seen in the i-Swing from the last Tokyo show, this time Toyota has the i-Real. As before, the battery-powered single seater has three wheels. The rear wheel can extend out back for greater stability and higher speeds. When the rear wheel is pulled in close, the machine stands up straighter and can maneuver in tighter spaces. Apparently Toyota is moving the i-Real toward commercialization although it remains to be seen if this thing will prove

click above image to view 24 high-res pics of the Toyota i-Real