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BMW i Ventures invests in mobile app company Life360

BMW i Ventures is investing an undisclosed amount in Life360, a tech company that specializes in creating apps that make it easier for family members to track each other down. When the i3 and i8 plug-in electric vehicles debut over the next couple years, the cars could play a role in connecting people.

BMW i ventures invests in Coulomb; ChargePoint 4.0 coming soon

Like patrons at the end of a long night, automakers and charging companies can sometimes be seen leaving the bar arm in arm. Coda with Mr. Electric. Holden with Better Place. Sebastian Blanco

BMW i Ventures sets up headquarters in NYC

BMW is making some progress on the launch of its i Ventures spin-off. The company has named BMW financial services chief executive officer Edward Robinson as its president and announced plans to open a global headquarters "incubator laboratory" in New York City. Established in February of 2011, BMW i Ventures focuses primarily on mobile connectivity and location-based services aimed at increasing the "freedom of mobility" for resi

BMW's plan to revolutionize mobility services

BMW finally put the speculation to rest about its new line of all-electric vehicles when it announced its new sub-brand – BMW i – and its first two models, the i3 and i8. But while the rest of the motoring press has been focusing exclusively on these newest EVs, BMW's announcement of a new vehicle-independent mobility service has been lost in the shuffle.