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Hyundai introduces new 2.0L and 2.2L diesel at Korean conference

Hyundai has just introduced a pair of new four-cylinder diesel engines in Korea that would probably be ideally suited to its U.S. market Sonata and Santa Fe, if only they were offered here. Unfortunately, the new R-engine, as Hyundai is calling it, will likely never see our shores. The new engine will come in 2.0L and 2.2L flavors using a common rail fuel injection system with 26,000 psi piezo-electric injectors. A variable geometry turbocharger helps the responsiveness across the rpm range. Unl

Hyundai intros 28mpg full-size diesel i800 van in Europe

Click above for high-res gallery of the Hyundai i800

Hyundai equips its European flagship with a diesel option

You can't expect to sell decent numbers of a sedan in Europe without a diesel engine. That's a law that most automarkes have learnt (Cadillac too). The biggest sedan Hyundai offers in Europe, the Grandeur (also known as Azera to Americans),has a diesel option.

Hyundai sees diesels as better option than hybrids, may offer some in US soon

Hyundai may soon begin offering oil-burners in the US market instead of hybrids. According to Hyundai COO Steve Wilhite, getting diesels into US Hyundai models are his highest personal priority. Wilhite would like to see diesels available in all of Hyundai's US models and considers them a more elegant solution than hybrids which add a great deal of complexity to