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Regular readers of this site will recognize the name HyPower. We have written about their H2 Reactor before, and now, perhaps you will get a chance to see a video demonstration of the system working. After reading the press release announcing that this video will be out today, I decided that it would be best to quote what they are claiming.

Companies touting on-the-fly hydrogen fuel production have been popping up all over the place recently. Just last month we reported on Hypower and Hy-Drive who have both been grabbing attention with the classic "car runs on water" line. Well, they're not alone because Israeli company Engineuity has also announced a system that can produce hydrogen inside a car, this time using common metals such as magnesium and aluminium. Perhaps, as Sam said earlier today, we need to put up an Alchemy Alert, b

HyPower have fitted a Volkswagen GTi with their H2 Reactor (H2R) hydrogen system to show that it can power the vehicle using only water. Designed to use electrolysis on the fly to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, the system then uses the hydrogen/oxygen gas to power its original internal combustion engine.