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Virtually anywhere in the U.S., a refreshing Coca-Cola beverage is not much more than a stone's throw away. It's available at the corner store, inside local gas stations, through vending machines and so on. Coca-Cola was introduced in 1886, and how it's delivered throughout North America has changed significantly since its debut.

Although UPS already operates one of the largest private fleets of alternative-fuel vehicles in the transportation industry, the company's continuing commitment to dominate the green scene has driven it to purchase 130 additional hybrid electric vehicles. At 2,022 strong, UPS' alternative-fuel vehicle fleet spans eight countries and has racked up more than 185 million miles to date.

United Parcel Service (UPS) has added an additional 200 hybrid delivery vehicles to its fleet of low-emissions and alternative energy vehicles. With this latest addition, UPS now has more than 20,000 green vehicles in its fleet!

The pharmaceutical company Roche has added more hybrids to its fleet, which now stands at 242 and move about 15 percent of the company's sales reps on their journeys. Roche started buying hybrids – Toyota Priuses and Ford Escape hybrids (pictured) – in 2004. The reasons will be familiar to fleet managers across the world: lower operating (fuel) costs and Roche says the lowered emissions and positive driving experiences of these vehicles were also factors in replacing standard vehicle