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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has just completed a two-year study of the hybrid buses being operated by Long Beach Transit in southern California. Unlike most transit systems using hybrid buses, Long Beach has been using a system that combines a gasoline engine with a series hybrid system. The ISE ThunderVolt hybrid uses a Ford 6.8L V10 running at constant speed to turn a generator that provides juice to a pair of electric motors. Only the motors drive the wheels. Instead of batteries

Hybrid Buses have been a successful application of Hybrid Technology. After all, buses tend to operate on routes where there is plenty of stop and go - perfect for a hybrid system. The Orion VII Hybrid has been in use by NYCTransit and other operators for about 5 years now. All those buses use inexpensive, reliable, but heavy lead acid batteries - 4,000 pounds of lead acid batteries mounted on the roof. That is equivalent to a bus with a Buick permanently mounted on its roof. The weight itself t