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Although none of the Hummer models are really all that worse than any other body-on-frame SUV powered by a large engine, the ex-military marque is considered by many to be the anti-green brand. If that's how you feel, you'll likely be glad to hear that Hummer models are languishing on dealer lots all over the country. Hummer spokeswoman Joanne Krell suggests that the downturn in sales is directly related to the upturn in fuel prices. That makes sense, now doesn't it? Maybe not... Acura is the on

During a first drive event for the new HUMMER H3T in Moab, Utah, Mike Levine of PickupTruck.com got confirmation of an engine change coming to the H3 lineup. When the H3 debuted it was saddled with the 3.7L inline five cylinder from the Chevy Colorado pickup it was derived from. Unfortunately, that engine struggled mightily with the H3's 4,700lb mass. That meant it worked hard all the time and got notoriously lousy fuel economy. When a V-8 engine option was added last year, it got the same fuel