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If you're thinking about taking to the highways of Venezuela any time soon, here's a little tip for you: don't speed. Evidently the country's roads are known for the kind of highway craziness that would make Miami look conservative. While recently driving his own personal motorcade, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez was harassed by a pickup truck whose driver thought Chavez was going too slow. The driver blew his horn and flashed his lights before passing the president on the shoulder.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez – notable Fidel Castro wannabe, loudmouthed buffoon of the first order and apparent Cadillac aficionado – has given an ultimatum to General Motors, Fiat (i.e. Chrysler), Toyota and Ford: Share your technology with us or get out of the country. (In Toyota's case, it sounds as if Chavez wants them to hit some arbitrary quotas, as well.) The affected parties, all of which maintain production facilities in the country, kept mum in response to Chavez's dem