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What would Top Gear be without a star in a reasonably priced car? Well... better, for one thing. But that hasn't stopped NBC from porting over the red-headed step-child of Top Gear segments to the imported version of the show. According to Jalopnik, during tomorrow's taping, B-listers C-listers D-listers Howie Mandel and Melanie B (former Spice Girl) will be piloting the U.S.'s own version of a reasonably-priced car – a Kia Rio – around the newly minted Top Gear test track. What can

With nary a Howie Mandel lookalike in sight, almost one-third of Ford's workers at its Wixom Assembly Plant in Michigan have taken the company's buyout bait- comprising everything from early retirement plans to $100,000 one-time payouts. All told, 433 of 1,433 hourly employees played took up the Blue Oval on their offer, bringing Ford employee buyout totals to 2,574.