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Vacuum hoses run throughout an engine’s compartment, and they are used for many applications in the engine and inside of the vehicle.

The coolant system in today's modern vehicle is designed as a closed loop system.

Vehicles with computer systems and injector management systems come with fuel return hoses.

Fuel hoses comes in many different locations on vehicles.

The secondary air injection system introduces oxygen into the exhaust during engine warm up.

The radiator hose is an important part of your vehicle’s cooling system.

As you drive your car, your engine draws in massive amounts of air which it then mixes with gas and ignites it to keep the engine running.

The flexible clutch hose is a component that is found on vehicles equipped with hydraulic clutch systems.

Most car owners fail to realize just how important air flow is to the running of their vehicle.

Buying a car with a turbo booster is a great way to get the increased horsepower that you are looking for.

For a driver that is looking for more performance and speed, choosing a car with a turbo system is just what they need.

Within your vehicle's hydraulic clutch system is a flexible clutch hose.

The only way that an engine will be able to run as intended is by having the right internal temperature.

Keeping all of the fluids in a car at the right temperature is very important.

The engine of your car produces a lot of heat.

Most of the older cars on the market have a carburetor that helps to disperse the fuel that is need during the combustion process.

The hose heater control valve opens and allows hot coolant from the engine to blow into the heater core.

Emissions control systems are standard on modern vehicles.

When the turbocharger was introduced in the early 1900's for diesel engine applications, one of the most difficult side-effects was broken internal engine components caused by excess pressure built up by these forced induction systems.

One of the side effects of a combustion engine is the buildup of pressure inside contained components.