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Honda updates popular "Impossible Dream" commercial, adds a touch of green

Honda Impossible Dreams commercial -– Click above to watch video after the jump

Honda CEO Takanobu Ito talks green car strategies

Honda is a green automaker by design. From the very beginning, Honda has sought out ways to reduce size, weight and efficiency, and, after reading an interchange between Autocar and Honda CEO Takanobu ITO, it doesn't seem likely this will change any time soon. The first interesting tidbit that caught our attention is Ito's assertion that Honda's "European sales people are largely to blame" for Toyota overtaking Honda as the green a

Honda: Fuel cells offer "the ultimate zero-emission car"

Honda FCX Clarity - Click above for high-res image gallery

Honda starts FCX leases in Japan, kids targeted

Deliveries of the US-spec FCX Clarity took place back in July and since then plenty of celebrities and excited hydrogen fuel cell advocates have been leasing the vehicles in Southern California. Honda has long planned to also offer the FCX Clarity in Japan, but it wasn't until today that anyo

Geneva Motor Show previews from Honda: FCX driveable concept, new sports hybrid concept, next-gen clean diesel

This image is part of Honda's official announcement of their upcoming Small Hybrid Sports Concept. Maybe this is what started the rumor of the next-gen Insight last week? Well, rumor begone! Here's the real scoop:

Is $84,000 for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle reasonable?

We mentioned this on AutoblogGreen over the holidays, but I came across another aspect of the claim by Honda President Takeo Fukui's statement that he expects hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to be widely available in 2018 that bears thinking about. As Sam mentioned in his original post, Fukui believes that within a decade after the Sebastian Blanco