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Honda's Soltec subsidiary has been selling smaller scale photo-voltaic panels for residential use for the past year. Honda Soltec has just expanded its capacity to build larger panels more suitable for large scale installations like factories and public buildings. As of this week, the large scale solar systems are available for sale from Honda. The company has been testing these systems for some time with a variety of installations ranging from the solar-powered hydrogen generating station at th

About a year ago, Honda announced the establishment of Honda Soltec, a wholly-owned solar cell subsidiary to make next-generation solar cells for homes and businesses (i.e., not for the roof of a revised Insight or anything). Over the summer, Honda Soltec began selling these cells. Today, Honda is announcing the opening of a new solar cell production plant in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan. As Honda has said from the beginning, Honda Soltec will produce enough solar cells (made from copper, indium,