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If Autocar is right, Honda will be launching its first high-performance diesel model in the shape of a new Accord Type S. The new S is expected to be shown at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The Euro Accord, which we get here as the Acura TSX, will get propulsion from an upgraded version of the i-DTEC 2.2L four cylinder that boosts power from 148 to 177 hp and torque from 258 to 280 lb-ft. The turbo and cylinder are revised and the intercooler is increased in size to achieve the extra output.

We've sampled several of the European spec diesel models from the Bosch demonstration fleet over the last year and have some more cool tests coming soon. One example that we haven't tried out is the 2007 Honda Accord. The Accord in question is the European model which is smaller than the American market car. This car is available in the U.S. badged as the Acura TSX. However, to date no TSX has been offered with a diesel engine. That will probably change early in 2009 when the TSX is expected to

Honda has already announced their intentions to introduce super-clean diesel engines into their lineup starting in 2009. Now comes word from digital buff-book Winding Road that the abysmally slow selling Accord Hybrid may get dropped in favor of a new diesel V-6. The next generation stateside Accord - which might be shown at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show - will get a 2.2-2.4-liter four cylinder first and then later the V-6 would be added. The V-6 will also go in the Ridgeline and other larger v