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The used Toyota Prius market is heating up rapidly in the face of high gasoline prices. A quick check on eBay Motors shows that, despite the complicated systems which make up the world's best-selling hybrid, bidders are snatching up the Prius at a very high rate. Historically, mechanically-savvy individuals have been able to get a detailed manual in order to tackle vehicle maintenance and repair themselves. Will newer high-tech vehicles with more computer processing power than the original space

The opportunity to piece together an internal combustion engine is not something one stumbles upon too often, since access to an auto shop class or garage with the necessary tools is unavailable to most people. Also, the expensive consequences of a bad engine build frequently prevent curious newbies from making an attempt on their own. On the other hand, some folks just don't want to get dirty. That's why Haynes, the publisher of many automotive service manuals, has introduced the internal combu

If your wife calls your car magazines "porn" and accuses you of ogling other women's bumpers, these decks are quite possibly your version of pinup girl poker cards. More famous for their automotive repair manuals, Haynes has licensed their name and distinctive book design to a line of products sure to appeal to any wrench-owner. Sure, the playing cards are very cool and come in VW Van, and, Mini, but there are also magnets, t-shirts, coffee mugs, wallets and a retro-co