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You might remember us mentioning Mini's new Hammer & Coop campaign for the freshened-for-2007 Coopers. The Starsky and Hutch-like series of trailers showing a man without a past and his faithful automotive sidekick. Kind of like Ben Stiller's "Heat Vision and Jack" or Spike TV's "Stroker and Hoop" from their Adult Swim late night programming. The ads are internet-only but have seen some limited theatrical play as well. Follow the jump to see the first two episodes in all their retro renegade

Thanks to Motoring File we have this "trailer" for a retro-styled actioner starring the new Mini Cooper as the automotive sidekick for a "man with no past" who looks suspiciously like Ben Stiller in the Starsky and Hutch remake. (At least the version of him in disguise at the charity ball with the sideburns and porn star mustache.)