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The city of Orlando, Florida is starting a new test program for their diesel vehicle fleet with a new biofuel. The fuel is being supplied by H2Diesel, a Houston-based company that is producing diesel from vegetable oils and animal fats. The test will start off with one city truck running on the biofuel for the next several months while the emissions and fuel consumption are monitored on a regular basis.

H2Diesel announced this week that there is a new agreement in place bewteen eBartonLLC and H2Diesel to markets H2Hiesel's biofuel to utilities and independent power producers in North America. This biofuel isn't quite like anything else (e.g., biodiesel), but is instead "a new class of bio-fuel or fuel additive for power generation, heavy equipment, marine use and as a heating fuel."

Xethanol is set to increase their production of ethanol in six states in New England: Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont. The corporation has set up NewEnglandXethanol LLC, a “strategic alliance” between Xethanol and Global Energy Management LLC, according to a press release pointed at by Domestic Fuel. This announcement follows Xethanol’s previous announcement of their CoastalXethanol initiative, which will increase ethanol production in