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High gas prices a bonanza for Zipcar

High gas prices have us all feeling the pinch ($65 bucks last night for me), and as you're all well aware, many folks are changing their driving style, the amount of driving they do, or, in some cases, saying good-bye to their cars or trucks entirely. One beneficiary of people's changes of heart is Zipcar. The car-sharing service announced this week that its average monthly signups are triple what they were a year ago, with 40% of its new membe

Whoa, Doggies - Toyota reckons growth will slow

Toyota is quite conscious of its target status, which has been amplified by their topping everyone else in the first quarter of 2007. Sales goals were consistently surpassed as all of the company's offerings got a boost from the Prius phenomenon. Toyota's Jim Press is predicting that they're about to lose their front-runner advantage as the competition comes on line with their own fuel

Toyota risks weakening culture in expansion push

One issue Toyota Motor Corp. faces as the automaker continues its rapid growth is too few experienced management types, especially for its overseas operations. According to Reuters Business Channel, t