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Making predictions is a dangerous business, especially if you are looking out past the immediate time horizon. Looking back at the Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines of the '50s and '60s you might think we'd all have airborne autos by now but no such luck. Even predictions about the next 5-10 years are exceedingly difficult to get right, especially when politics and technology mix. The key to successful prophecies, as Nostradamus or any psychic will tell you, is to keep everything v

Development of the Chevrolet Volt may be continuing full-speed for now at GM but that program is the exception rather than the rule at the General. Everywhere else in the company, programs and introductions have been delayed. The combination of excess inventories of existing vehicles resulting from slow sales and cash flow issues have caused vehicles such as the Saturn Vue and Two-Mode hybrid and the plug-in version to be delayed. If GM were to start building the new strong hybrid Vue they would