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Activists were hanging from the ship's 27-meter-high unloading door.

Activists were hanging from the ship's 27-meter-high unloading door.


We're not expecting the next whaling-ship ramming Greenpeace boat to have a VW logo on it, but it's nice that the two entities are finally getting together in the name of lower emissions.


Last year, Greenpeace targeted Volkswagen with its VW Dark Side campaign. A twist on the popular Star War-themed Passat commercial that debuted during the 2011 Super Bowl, VW Dark Side pointed out that VW wasn't doing as much as it could to further the cause of more efficient vehicles.


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You'd have to be living in a deep, dark hole somewhere in the middle of nowhere to not have heard anything about the massive oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico. And you better not come out of your cave just yet, since not a day pass that we don't hear about this continuing disaster. We should be hearing about this, because it's a tragic event and British Petroleum (BP) deserves to take heat for its actions (or lack thereof) that led to the explosion and ensuing catastrophic spill. Even though BP ha

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London's Heathrow airport is already one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, but authorities are looking to expand. Of course, there is ample opposition to the airport's plan to add a third major runway, some of it coming from celebrities like Emma Thompson, who says, "I don't understand how any government remotely serious about committing to reversing climate change can even consider these ridiculous plans."

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Friends of the Earth, Ecologistas en Acción, Greenpeace, Jóvenes Verdes and WWF/Adena have launched an online campaign demanding a drastic reduction of CO2 emission limits in Europe. The EU is set to establish limits next fall and these associations are lobbying in for stricter ones. According to figures managed by these organizations, 70 percent of all oil used in Europe is used for transport and, among this, 50 percent is used for cars and light freight transport. The statement b

High fuel efficiency is a hot topic today, but people have been tinkering with miserly vehicles for a long time. Take GreenPeace, which started working on the "SmILE-Project" in the mid '90s. GreenPeace thought that if it was going to have to be cars that we use for transportation, they may as well be "Small, Intelligent, Light und Efficient" (hence, SmILE). Unveiled in 1996, the tweaked first generation Renault Twingo got dramatically better fuel economy and, had Renault followed up and put the

Greenpeace is quite unhappy with recent proposals to use carbon capture technology (CCT) at power plants that burn coal. According to the environmental group, CCT is like burying money. Their reasons? First and foremost, the technology is not yet 100 percent ready, and won't be until 2030. Meanwhile, the need to reduce carbon emissions is quite immediate. Secondly, Greenpeace claims that CCT wastes energy: about 10 to 40 percent of the energy produced by the power plant where carbon is captured

We are not crazy: The image above is Greenpeace Argentina's way to protest against the country's efforts to produce soy-based biodiesel. The activist group took a Mercedes ML and a Porsche Cayenne and made them look like bulldozers to illustrate the idea that soy biodiesel destroys native forests and pollutes more than might be expected by most people. The two SUVs featured German flags, because not only these two cars belong to German brands, but because most of Argentina's soy product is expor

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Greenpeace last week told the Finnish company Neste Oil to stop making biodiesel from Indonesian and Malaysian palm oil. Lennart Daléus, the general secretary of the Nordic section of Greenpeace, said that growing the palm trees is done in a way that, according to a short note on Newsroom Finland, "destroys rain forests, speeds up climate change and drives many species to the edge of extinction. And, over on Epoch Times, we find Greenpeace's slogan for this campaign: don't fill your tank