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Do you remember your Ecology 101 lessons? One of the first lessons is always "reuse." Volvo has taken the role of teacher and is telling us about its new Greenline initiative. What's this about? A range of "renewed" vehicle components which are procured by recycling components from scrapped Volvos. Specifically, old Volvo parts that the company inspects. According to Volvo, the renewed pieces not only get an inspection to determine suitability, but they must also reach same quality standard as n

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It seems like no matter what kind of fuel it is, it always comes from the Middle East or Texas. The latter is the case here, as Greenline Industries (no relation to Saturn) and Valco Bioenergy have just started up a new 3 million gallon per year biodiesel plant in Harlingen, TX. In Greenline's pursuit of alternative fuel happiness, they have won EPA awards for their designs in biodiesel production facilities.

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UPDATE: Saturn will initially offer the new Vue Green Line with the current model's mild hybrid drivetrain, then offer both that drivetrain and the new FWD two-mode system together. See AutoblogGreen's coverage with more info here.

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The Saturn Vue Green Line, due out later this summer, has received an EPA rating of 32 miles per gallon, the highest highway rating ever for an SUV, according to Automobile. In line with its mild hybrid technology, consisting of an integrated belt-driven starter-alternator, the highway efficiency is excellent, but its city driving efficiency of 27 mpg is lower than the comparable Ford Escape Hybrid, which is rated at 36 mpg in the city. The improved highway efficiency for the Vue can be attribut