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Report: Many Gas Pumps Overcharge Customers

Meter Creeping Exposed On ABC's 'The Lookout'

ABC's "The Lookout"exposes a problem known as "meter creeping," which happens when a gas pump over or under charges customers.

Eaton, DOE upgrading and downsizing hybrid power system

Eaton is working on upgrading its hybrid electric vehicle power control system by reducing the size of the battery 50 percent and improving the total performance of the system and its charge rate while maintaining battery life, fuel economy and overall vehicle performance. The R&D project will be funded jointly between Eaton and a

Triac gets sued for breach of contract after failing to deliver three-wheeled EV

The Triac tale has not been an easy one. Originally intended to be a straightforward, three-wheeled commuter vehicle built in California and sold for around $25,000 by Green Vehicles, the company only managed to sell a small number of units before Sebastian Blanco

World Report, 7/22: Space Shuttle Atlantis Lands And More

Welcome to TRANSLOGIC World Report: Your weekly roundup of transportation tech news from around the web.

Say goodbye to Green Vehicles and its three-wheeled electric Triac

Green Vehicles Triac – Click above for high-res image gallery

Autotrader survey shows most motorists go green to "save money, not the environment"

Research conducted by Auto Trader suggests that money, not the environment, is the main driving force behind motorists' interest in eco-friendly vehicles, at least in Great Britain. The majority of UK motorists (73 percent) would consider "going green" to save money on fuel, compared to just 41 percent of drivers admitting that environmental concerns would motivate them to purchase a greener vehicle.

Detroit 2010: Green Vehicles presents Electric Avenue with upgraded Triac

The last time we saw the Triac from Green Vehicles, Inc., we were not exactly impressed. Perhaps we should've tried to get a ride in the new 2010 version that the company unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. While we still don't think we've got $25,000 to spend on one of thes

VIDEO: New Triac highway speed electric car available now?

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/autos/VIDEO_New_Triac_highway_speed_electric_car_available_now'; Is there a new three-wheeled highway-capable electric car about to emerge from "stealth mode"? We believe so and we have the video to prove it. As our faithful readers well know, we have been following the lengthy development of other three-wheeled vehicles lik