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Steve Spence over at Green Trust posted last week on work being done at the J. Craig Venter Institute that is working on both sides of the biofuel vs. hydrogen green car divide. Researchers at the Venter Institute are working with microbes and plants to reduce fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. There aren't many details available at the Venter Institute's website, but Dr. Hamilton Smith is leading research projects to reengineer "the photosynthetic pathway to divert the sun's energy into

If running even the biggest SUV or farm tractor on biofuel isn't a large enough vehicle for you, then perhaps you'd be interested in converting an old school bus to use biodiesel. If so, there is a Yahoo! group you'll want to check out: the Skoolie Conversions group. This group isn't dedicated exclusively to biofuels but instead to converting old busses into RVs. Still, biofuel discussions are not unknown, as this post at Green Trust shows. Last Friday, Steve Spence posted about his friend who i