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In a move that's probably at least partly fair play and likely a big part marketing stunt, Green Earth Team Gunnar in the American Le Mans Series has offered to share its motor oil supplier with its competitors. Team Gunnar runs in the ALMS new Le Mans Prototype Challenge class where all the teams run identical Oreca-built chassis with sealed General Motors V8 engines. While LMPC teams aren't allowed to modify their engines, they can change the oil. Team Gunnar is running G-Oil, derived from ani

Green Earth Technologies' first commercial – Click above to watch the video after the jump

We first learned of Green Earth Technologies a couple of years ago when the company introduced its G-Oil, the first API-approved biodegradable motor oil. The oil is made from saturated animal fats. A year ago, it was announced as the official motor oil of the American Le Mans Series and it has been used in all the series official vehicles.

The American Le Mans Series has named G-OIL from Green Earth Technologies as the official motor oil of the series and the sanctioning body, the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA). Unlike conventional petroleum-derived motor oils, G-OIL is made from saturated animal fats which have been processed through dehydrogenation. While the stuff may not be good for people to ingest in any significant quantities, the saturated fats apparently make a good lubricant and G-OIL has similar propertie

When we think about the amount of petroleum used in automobiles, we're usually focusing in on the amount of fossil fuels that the car's engine burns to generate power to move the vehicle. In reality, there's a lot more oil to consider, including what goes into making the plastics, fabrics and rubber that our cars are assembled with. Still more oil is used to lubricate the car's internal workings, but there may now be a viable alternative on that last bit as the biodegradable motor oil from Green

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