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Massachusetts-based Factory Five, the builder of some exceptional Shelby Cobra replicas and the GTM race car, has announced a new project vehicle. Starting with a Subaru WRX donor car, the Factory Five team says it will be able to produce a mid-engined two-seater for under $15,000... and you can help design it.

Ask an average Jane what qualifies as a "green" thing these days, and reuse will likely be one of the first three things she'll list (along with reduce and recycle). To that end, the Grassroots Motorsports Magazine is out to show that old vehicles can be saved from the shredder and thrill a crowd in their new $1,000 budget race car challenge. The race will take place in San Diego, CA in the new year. Two hopeful participants, Ryan Arroyo (team captain) and Ian Schoen (team director) are looking

This past weekend Grassroots Motorsports welcomed 51 vehicles to Gainsville, FL for their $2008 Challenge. Constrained by the limited vehicle build budget, the entry list was chalked full of the popular weekend racer, the Mazda Miata. A few first generation Mazda RX-7s also filled out the list, most likely due to cheap availability and past Challenge success. The Honda CRX was another popular choice, with its proven reputation as a solid budget racer. While tiny, nimble chassis were the building