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Rendered Speculation: Volkswagen Golf VII already in the cards

The current Volkswagen Golf (a.k.a. "Rabbit"), which is a 2010 model, hasn't made it through the front nine, and already the next Golf is being teed up behind it. The new model is planned for 2012, two years earlier than planned, perhaps because VW wants to recast what the Golf represents with a return to frugal-yet-sporty motoring.

VW adds Twin Drive technology to sixth-gen Golf

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2012 Volkswagen Golf expected to shed pounds

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Pics Aplenty: 2009 Volkswagen Golf VI

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Officially Official: VW drops details on Golf VI

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Volkwagen Golf VI unveiled a bit early

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VW of America: Golf VI is heading to the U.S.

While the European press reports that VW honcho Martin Winterkorn has iced plans to sell the Golf Mk VI in the United States, a rep for the automaker's American division has responded to the contrary. Volkswagen of America spokesman Steve Keyes told Inside Line that plans to introduce the 6th-generation Golf and GTI in the

VW to equip Golfs with smaller engines next year

We expect to see a the sixth-generation of Volkswagen's now iconic Golf model break cover soon enough, and now we are hearing rumors of some new powertrain options for the MkVI as well. According to German news site Automobilwoche, we should expect to see at least one engine of smaller displacement than the current 1.4-liter gasoline unit that powers the current Golf model in Europe. Interestingly, VW

Next VW Rabbit to take cues from IROC Concept?

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