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EDTA Conference: The East Coast GM plug-in hybrid announcement

The media spotlight was on GM Chairman Rick Wagoner and the big announcement yesterday at the Los Angeles Auto Show that GM would offer a plug-in hybrid sometime in the next few years. Over at the EDTA Conference, where such an announcement would have been right at home, the news was delivered to attendees Wednesday afternoon by Pete Savagian, engineering director of GM hybrid powe

Bush will meet with Detroit auto execs tomorrow, and will push for more hybrids

It's time. President Bush will tell auto execs from the Detroit auto companies that he supports building more hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles, according to spokesman Tony Snow. Snow said that during tomorrow's long-awaited meeting with the heads of Ford Motor Co., General Motors Corp. and DaimlerChrysl

GM will announce a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) at NAIAS in January

It not exactly a surprise (see all the hints dropped in the related stories below), but it's still good to hear again that GM will likely unveil a prototype plug-in hybrid at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, the Detroit News is reporting today. This would be the first plug-in hybrid (PHEV) from a major manufacturer, and we've hear it called the "I-car" (for Icon car).

Quick review of new Vue Green Line Hybrid

All right, GM's now in the "affordable" hybrid game. So, how does the company's new Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid drive? The Saturn Vue isn't a hybrid in the same way a Prius is (the electric motor can't drive the Vue on its own, for example), but the electric side of things does increase fuel economy (to 27/32 mpg for the SUV). Kicking Tires reviewer David Thomas recently took a Vue for a spin and discovered a quiet ride that felt like driving a standard gasoline-powered SUV. The only things tha

GM vice president says automakers need to produce hybrids, sense be damned

Bob Lutz, GM vice president of global product development said on Tuesday at the launch of the Opel/Vauxhall Corsa that automakers need to produce hybrid vehicles even though the economic and environmental benefits are not as spectacular as they could be. Lutz said that he likes hybrids. He enjoys driving them, is glad the Saturn Vue has a "simple" hybrid engine, and that GM will introduce a two-mode hybrid engine in some of its full-size pick-up trucks next year, but they're just not totally se

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