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RIP: Hummer, 1992-2010

For years, Hummers – each one somehow bigger and more polluting than the next – were the easiest target in the

Hedging its bets - HUMMER dealer anticipates doom, pre-emptively downsizes

There's no official obituary for GM's HUMMER brand yet, but haters are lacing up their dancing shoes while lovers wring their hands. Dealers with HUMMER franchises have a lot of skin in the game, so the uncertain future is bound to give business officers ulcers. Not willing to wait around to the bitter end, Milwaukee's Bergstrom HUMMER is planning to move into the same space as the group's Chevrolet store. The HUMMER-specific Quonset hut style dealership building will be toned down and pressed i

HUMMER-crazy couple to marry in monster SUV-themed wedding

When does loving an automotive brand go too far? A possible answer could be when two people decide to get married and have almost every facet of their memorable day related some how to their favorite brand, no matter how ridiculous it may seem. That's exactly what will happen when diehard Hummer fans Sonya Jefferson and Steve Spencer tie the knot in an official HUMMER wedding scheduled to take place on the 22nd of this month in Reno.