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GM Holden Australia has added a factory-backed dual-fuel option (petrol + liquid petroleum gas) to the latest models of its leading large car, the Commodore. It's not a cheap option though, adding almost AUD$2000 (US$1546) to the standard price even after a federal government rebate is taken into account. While liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is significantly cheaper than regular unleaded petrol, only people like taxi drivers who put in huge kilometres behind the wheel are likely to gain the full fin

In the latest hint that the Holden Commodore SS-V is headed to the US to be the new Pontiac Grand Prix, the Australian website GoAuto reports that GM Holden is preparing for a possible future in which it sells more vehicles overseas than it does in Australia. In an interview with the website, Holden chairman and managing director Denny Mooney said of the heavily-rumored Pontiac deal, "You will see an announcement in the next three to four months. Assuming it happens, (shipments) would start a li

UPDATE 1 - According to the drive.com.au blog, this is actually the second recall for the new Holdens. The first dealt with a fuel hose issue on some V8-powered cars.

Holden's dual-fuel V6 is being offered in the new VE-series Omega, Berlina and select Commodores. The 3.6L Alloytec powerplant can switch seamlessly between LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and gasoline without any serious difference in power. Furthermore, the setup is said to offer an operating range of 1100km (683 miles) or better (assuming both tanks are full at the beginning of a journey).

The stunning Holden Efijy Concept recently got the chance to meet its forebears at an event staged outside Holden's headquarters in Port Melbourne, Australia. The Efijy was joined by a fleet of old-school FJ and FX Holdens, the very cars that served as the inspiration for the Aussie concept in the first place. Efijy made its debut at the 2005 Australian Motor Show and since then has been featured in just about every automotive publication imaginable. It was recently profiled in North America's H