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GM began to counter the rumor and rabble with its Facts and Fiction site. Now they've gone a step further and introduced a video series called The Case for GM. The introduction video is by Christopher Barger, director of global communications technology, telling us that the series is meant to address your questions, and letting us know that the series will provide answers and insight from a large number of GM "team" members.

Click above for high-res gallery of the Buick Invicta Concept

Bob Lutz understands how the automotive media operates, which is why on the same day that General Motors announced its largest loss ever, he pops up on the GM Fastlane Blog to talk about some good news: retail sales in January were up 11.2%.

Whenever we add another blogger to the Autoblog team, I always warn him or her to grow a thicker skin. Part of blogging is exposing your words to a wide audience and having the fortitude to weather whatever is said in the comments. Blogging is all about that interactive relationship the comments allow, which is something Bob Lutz has learned lately. After having neglected posting on his GM FastLane Blog for a few weeks, Lutz was greeted with comments suggesting that he's bored with blogging, tha