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Former Volt booster ready for Siri to chauffeur your Apple Car

ABG has a Q&A with Lyle Dennis about AppleCarFans.com

Lyle Dennis started GM-Volt.com in the early days of the Chevy Volt hype. Today, he's much more excited about imagining what an Apple car will be like.

Should the feds buy flocks of Volts for their fleet?

Lyle Dennis, one of the world's biggest Chevrolet Volt fans, has an idea on how to help the new halo car roll off the assembly lines at high numbers and help General Motors out of its current economic programs. The idea was inspired by the effort the US made during the Depression and World War II and would make the US General Services Administation, which is responsible for procuring government vehicles, buy massive quantities of Vo

GM-Volt founder pens open letter in support of GM aid package

Perhaps one of the biggest fans on the planet of the Chevrolet Volt is Dr. Lyle Dennis, a New York city neuro-surgeon. Immediately after originally seeing the Volt concept in January 2007, Dennis launched GM-Volt.com. Ever since then he and his readers have been cheerleaders for GM's extended-range EV. Dennis set up a waiting list for people to register their interest in the car, and over 45,000 people have signe

GM Centennial: Bob Lutz talks about the Volt's future, $7,500 tax incentives

Ahh, the blogger round table. At GM's Centennial celebration yesterday, GM chairman sat down with a group of bloggers to talk about - what else? - the Volt. Lutz took questions about the car and gave a upbeat assessment of where the overall program is now; he didn't even knock wood when he said that the battery testing has not given them any problems - guess he's not superstitious. One thing that Lutz said would help GM sell more Volts would be government incentives, specifically $7,500 incentiv

GM Centennial: "Future of Transportation: The Next 100 Years"

As part of the GM Centennial celebration today, the General hosted an hour-long panel discussion that purported to look ahead 100 years and discover "Future of Transportation," according to my handy-dandy GM event schedule. The panel certainly was an hour long and did feature all of the listed guests, but the discussion rarely ranged past the 20-years-in-the-future timeframe. Still, if you didn't know anything about how the U.S. and the major automakers are going to shift away from gasoline-powe

The April 2008 Chevy Volt update: designing the Volt interior and exterior

Of all the areas we visited during our day at the GM Technical Center during the Volt tour, the design center was the one place where I really, really wished we could have had a camera. I'm sure you would have all felt the same way. We've all seen the teaser image above, but in the E-Flex Studio Tim Grieg, the Volt design manager, and Bob Boniface, the design director for the Volt and the E-Flex systems, are looking at the Volt every day. The good news is that we can describe a few things. givin

Lutz: Volt Battery supply deal a "horse race," finish line moved.

In commenting on the battle royal taking place on the testing benches at GM between two contending battery suppliers, "Maximum" Bob Lutz said Tuesday it was a "horse race. An apt analogy in a sense because the two teams, Continental Automotive Systems, using cells from A123 Systems Inc., and Compact Power Inc. who are using cells developed by its parent, LG Chem seem to be neck and neck in performance. No one has stumbled as the two sprint down the final stretch to the, oh, what's that? The fini

GM's Wagoner says there's no guarantee Volt will start production in 2010

While GM has never given a firm delivery date for the Chevy Volt, late 2010 has been when production was expected to start. In an online chat yesterday, GM CEO Rick Wagoner admitted that, while GM has been working hard on getting the Volt ready, "2010 would be great, but (we) can't guarantee that at this time." According to CNN

Chevy Volt production possibilities: 100,000? 60,000? Same as it ever was

When General Motors unveiled the Chevy Volt back in January, here's what our own Sam Abuelsamid reported as far as possible production numbers:

Some Chevy Volt parts are likely already on the road in mules

The Chevy Volt is still at least three years from Job 1 but there are almost surely parts of it prowling the streets of Southeast Michigan. Whenever a new vehicle is developed there are components that are ready for testing out of sequence. Long before all the necessary parts to build full prototypes are ready, the bits that are available will be bolted onto other existing vehicles so they can be evaluated. When GM first showed us Volt at the end of last year they told us that parts such as elec

GM reports from the Volt's tour

In his previous role as Director of Advanced Vehicle Design at General Motors, Bob Boniface led the team responsible for creating the exterior design of the Chevy Volt. We spoke to Bob about the Volt's styling back in January after the car was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. Bob is now leading the team working on production cars based on the E-Flex architecture and he's also touring

BREAKING: GM loves Detroit, will build Chevy Volt in the Motor City

Now, this is good news. Coming out of this week's UAW strike at GM, the papers are full of stories figuring out the details of what each side got