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Survey: What does the LBGT community really drive? Gaywheels.com wants to know

It's no secret that the LBGT community represents a significant pool of purchasers in the automotive marketplace. Some automakers shy away from courting their dollars for fear of retribution from anti-LBGT groups, while others have embraced them in subtle and not so subtle ways. The team at Gaywheels.com has done a commendable job tracking gay-friendly automakers, which they define as any automaker that offers

Gaywheels.com picks Best Cars of 2008 from a different perspective

So what does the the new Mazda6, BMW 1-Series, VW Jetta TDI Sportwagen and Infiniti G37 have in common? They all appear on the Gaywheels.com second annual Best Cars of 2008 list. The site's three editors made their choices in each of six categories: Best New Car, Best Makeover, Best Date Car, Best Family Car, Best Club Car and Best Car for Me.

VW Rabbit is the new top-researched car on Gaywheels.com

This quarter, the Volkswagen Rabbit knocks the Toyota Yaris out of the top spot on Gaywheels.com's list of top-researched cars. The Yaris, which had hung on to the numero uno spot for the last twelve months, dropped to third place as the VeeDub managed to snag the second spot as well with the hardtop-converti

Honda almost gay-friendly, more like gay-cordial

Most car brands that sell in the U.S. are defined as gay-friendly by the website Gaywheels.com. Only five are not, and one of them is Honda. The Japanese automaker took a step towards moving into the majority recently when it decided to begin offering insurance benefits to same-sex partners at some of its U.S. operations, which include the headquarters at American Honda Motor

BMW goes gay-friendly in 2008

Gaywheels.com was started in 2005 and has since become a unique resource for GLBT auto enthusiasts and consumers. In addition to providing original content like interviews with gay members of the industry and, of course, vehicle reviews, the site maintains a list of gay-friendly automakers which provide domestic partner benefits to employees.

GayWheels.com picks Best Cars of 2007

Our friends over at GayWheels.com have summoned the strength to knock out their own Best Cars list for the year that was 2007. Each of the site's four editors chose winners in six categories, which include Best New Car, Best Makeover, Best Date Car, Best Family Car, Best Club Car and Best Car for Me. There wasn't much agreement among the editors on Best New Car, which was awarded to no less than four different cars: the Volvo C30, Audi R8, Audi A5/S5 and S

Autoblog Podcast #34

The proposed alliance between GM and Nissan/Renault leads off the Autoblog Podcast, Episode #34. Do we think it will happen? What would the effects of such an alliance be? We also talk about the Chinese coming to town in the form of Nanjing Automotive opening up operations and a productions facility for MG in Oklahoma. GayWheels.com and its Top Ten Most Researched Vehicles list also makes the cut, along with news from our sister-site, AutoblogGreen. Enjoy.