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Sen. Voinovich (R-OH) calls for a raise to the gas tax

It takes one of two things for a politician to support a hike in the gas tax: courage or no interest in a political future. Senator George Voinovich (R-OH) has at least one of these aspects and made his case for a bigger gas tax in a letter to members of Pres

Higher gas taxes in Georgia, a case study

Now and again, talk of a higher national gas tax in the U.S. bubbles up into the discussion. Compared to the rest of the world, transportation fuel in the U.S. is pretty cheap, so there's a case to be made for raising it and to use the money to research more efficient vehicles and to improve public transportation. Of course, this is not a political easy sell, but something happening in the state of Georgia shows that pr

Friedman in the fray: gas tax redux

The idea of implementing a gas tax is becoming as regular in the national debate as the seasons. Those in favor: the Wall Street Journal and Bill Ford, Jr. Those opposed: Sebastian Blanco

GM's Wagoner says gas taxes, $4/gallon price floor "worth considering"

Slapping a few dimes' worth of tax onto each gallon of gas we buy at the pump hasn't been the most popular idea in Washington. Sure, some elected representatives have called for a higher gas tax in the past, but more often than not the idea dies on the vine. There is a chance that things will be different now that one of the biggest opponents to a gas tax increase, General Motors (through CEO Rick Wag

Ex-Tesla VP Siry calls for either taxing up gas prices or dropping CAFE

Darryl Siry has never been shy about expressing his opinions. Since departing from his post as chief talking head and salesman at Tesla Motors, Siry has been freed up to share his thoughts even more vociferously and with greater frequency on his personal blog and his latest post is sure to anger many people. With gas prices down to $1.86 in Siry's San Francisco neighborhood (and even lower here in Michigan where I saw one station today at $1.49) he tackles two of the most controversial topics am

Time for a Real Gas Tax? No? Think about it.

Back before we found that even $3 a gallon gasoline would not slake the American thirst for the fuel, there were people like Thomas Friedman of the NYTimes and Sen. John Kerry (and me), who advocated for a 50 cent gas tax to keep at least some of the money we spend on gasoline in the country and cut down consumption. Now we know better. We gotta have our "fix" of gasoline juice even if it costs us thousands of dollars personally annually. (15,000 miles at 15 MPG at $3 a gallon is $3,000 - about