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Lutz: Cheap gas would be bad

Remember all the bravado that Bob Lutz unleashed when we got our first glimpse of the Volt back in early 2007? Lutz has been the car's biggest champion since then, but he's thinking that there could be some tough news coming soon for this kind of technology. While the Volt is not named in an interview with Lutz by the LA Times that was published last week (so don't go starting any rumors), Lutz was pretty clear-eyed about what the recent dip in gas prices could mean: "We may hate high fuel price

Hurricane Ike aftermath causes $5 gas in some areas

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USA National Gas Temperature Map

Nope, this isn't a map showing the temperature that gas flows out of the nozzle into our car's tank to boost the myth that it's better to fuel early in the morning. No, this is a U.S. map (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) that shows color-coded gasoline prices (by county): the redder the color, the more expensive the gallon of gas while the greener the color, the cheaper the gas is. If you go to the site and zoom in on the map, you can drill down to the municipality level. Zoom in again and you'll e

Selling cheap gas to promote electric cars?

Let's see. You're a gas station owner who wants to get out of the petrol business and into something a little more eco-friendly. Electric cars, say. How do you mark the transition? For Milton Grin, owner of a Valero in Kansas City, Missouri, the answer was to attract attention to his new venture by selling his current product at discount prices - like $1.99 for a gallon of gas (diesel prices remained high). To take advantage of the media and customer attention his sale generated, Grin had three

Well, gas prices have dipped... did praying help?

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Gas isn't expensive enough for British motorists to leave their cars

It seems that oil prices are going down these days but gas prices are still high at the pump. But what's the maximum price we want to pay at the pump before we look for alternatives (i. e. public transport)? In the case of Britain, insurance company Esure found that this price was £1.75 per liter. If one quid (the British slang for 1 pound) is about $1.93 and there are 3.79 liters in a gallon, this makes $12.80. Currently, UK's current average price is £1.15, which is $8.4/gal. Other

Richard Viguerie: Blame a liberal for high energy prices

I'm not familiar with Richard Viguerie, but he's a proud conservative and more than willing to engage in some "attack the liberals" maneuvers to complain about high gas prices. Since I get a bit of flack from our readers about airing my leftwing views, I thought I'd highlight Viguerie's argument - don't worry, I'll get back to my standard Republican bashing in a post later today :)

How bad do you need it? Gas for sex deal goes awry in Kentucky

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A "sizable number" of Americans think gas will hit $5/gallon by Labor Day

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China raises fuel prices by 16.7 percent

China raised fuel prices by 16.7 percent Thursday in order to cope with the rising cost of oil. The increase in regulated fuel prices is China's first hike in eight months and its sharpest ever one-off rise. The move eased global crude oil prices, which dropped $5. The 16.7 percent increase takes the pump rate for gasoline to about 75 U.S. cents a liter, still a quarter cheaper than in the United States and about one-third what UK motorists pay. Prices have doubled since 2003, but crude has more

The $4/gallon noose tightens: credit cards not welcome at some gas stations

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British gas gets to almost $15/gallon at some stations

So you think $4.50 a gallon is tough to swallow? How about nearly $15/gallon? That's what drivers in some parts of south-west England and Wales are faced with this week. A strike by tanker drivers who deliver fuel to Shell stations has left many stations in the region running out of gas and diesel. We all know what happens when fuel supplies run low but demand doesn't; it's economics 101. This time around, station owners have started ramping up the prices to as much as £1.99 a litre or $14

Trucks, tonneaus and mpg - what's the scoop?

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Are high gas prices "forcing" Americans toward ethanol?

Here's an interesting way to phrase things. The Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC) is trying to reframe America's current high pump costs with this headline: "Gas Prices Force Americans to Push for Ethanol Fuel." O rly?

High gas prices not one of the top five reasons for transfering a lease

If you're getting rid of a leased car, high gas prices are not your biggest reason for doing so. They're not even in your top five. At least, that's what Swapalease.com discovered when it asked users why they wanted to, well, swap a lease. Swapalease.com is a lease marketplace and the people behind the scenes wanted to find out why users were turning in their cars. Through a system that asked for information online and through employee-user interaction, Swapalease came up with a top ten list of

Colorado gets a chance at cheap (subsidized) corn ethanol

I guess they've got to pretty much give it away: E85 fuel will be on sale for just 85 cents a gallon for two hours in Colorado next week. Domestic Fuel says that the special sale on the biofuel for flexfuel cars will take place in the town of Fowler from noon until 2 p.m. on Tuesday, June 12. The sale is sponsored / subsidized by the Colorado Corn Growers Association, the Governor's Biofuels Coalition (GBC) and Western Convenience. Domestic Fuel calculates that there are about 85,000 flexfuel ve

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