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There's only one place to buy a new G-Wiz, the tiny electric car, in the UK: GoinGreen. To entice buyers, the retailer has just launched a dedicated insurance option for the crush-zone-free EV. With it, London G-Wiz drivers might be able to breathe a little easier as they cruise around. Benefits include a free G-Wiz if yours is in the shop, all repairs done by GoinGreen itself and "highly competitive rates." Oh, and there is only one printed document, which allows GoinGreen to call this a "truly

For those of you in England who like to live small, GoingGreen is offering up special deals on the G-Wiz electric car. The UK distributor of the the Indian-built quadricycle is offering up ex-demo units for only £2,999 compared to a base price of about £6,300 for a new model without air conditioning. GoingGreen is also knocking £500 of the price of used models that they have available and giving free leather seats on the somewhat improved G-Wiz i. The deals are available while

We don't use the word "quadricycle" around here much. But over in the UK, quardicycles are a specific vehicle type defined as "a vehicle with four wheels whose unladen mass is not more than 400kg (excluding batteries if it is an electric vehicle) and whose maximum continuous rated power does not exceed 15 kW," according to the Department for Transport. Basically, a teeny-tiny NEV (just right for Elton John).

London, the city where you have to pay to drive your dirty, CO2-emitting car, is doing a lot to clean the air. City officials' latest move was the unveiling of two electric car-charging stations. Fuel-hungry EVs can find the stations in Wellington Street and Southampton Street near Covent Garden in the West End. The most amazing part? The juice is free.