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Video: Rinspeed shows off the future of motoring with the UC?

Rinspeed UC? Concept – Click above to watch the video after the break

Video: Rinspeed shows off the future of motoring with the UC?

Rinspeed UC? Concept – Click above to watch the video after the break

Royal College of Art creates sustainable auto concepts

Click on the image for more shots of RCA's Eco-Cars of the future

Volkswagen releases three concepts... from 2028

Click the above image of the Ego for more shots of VW's 2028 concepts

Six minute long video about the Eliica electric vehicle from Japan

You may have seen our previous coverage of the Eliica eight-wheeled electric vehicle from Japan. If not, perhaps you were introduced to the vehicle by the Discovery Channel, as it was frequently seen on their show Future Car. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the above video of the vehicle, and the interviews conducted with some of the men behind the Eliica. A common thread connecting all of

Automotive X-Prize releases rules for 2009 race

Sister-blog AB Green just posted this story about X-Prize. Remember X-Prize? They were the organization that put up a considerable sum of money to reward the first person to successfully go into outer space with their own spacecraft. After Burt Rutan won that first X-Prize with his SpaceShip 1, the foundation decided to get its head out of the clouds, so to speak. As a follow-up to the space program, you can probably guess what thei

A new agreement between Tata Motors and MDI bring the air-car closer to reality

We have shown you the air-car before, and you may have seen it on TV if you watched the Discovery Channel series, Jeremy Korzeniewski

MIT creates a foldable, stackable "City Car"

Ever go to a big city and wonder how in the world you were going to get around? This happens to me, as my wife and I make several trips to Chicago every year for weekend getaways. The problem is that there are tons of cars there, traffic snarls a lack of good places to park, unless you want to pay big bucks for a 24 hour parking garage -- which is usually what we end up doing. And, Chicago is nothing compared to New York or Las Angeles.

Starting Feb. 7th - Future Cars on Discovery Channel

I saw an interesting commercial the other day on Discovery Channel while I was watching Mythbusters. You do watch Mythbusters don't you? If not, check it out, it's one of my favorites. Anyway, I usually skip the commercials, but I left it alone this one time. Lucky for me, because I caught a glimpse of a new show coming up on Discovery starting the seventh of February called Future Cars. They have a website up now, Jeremy Korzeniewski