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Ford adding more hybrids but not until 2012, DI based start-stop coming

During the Ford 2010 model preview in Dearborn this week, one of the efficiency improvements promised for the near term by Powertrain VP Barb Samardzich was increased hybrid applications. When we asked Fusion hybrid applications manager Gil Portalatin about potential future applications, it turned out that they won't debut until the next-gen hybrid system appears in 2012. At that po

Mercedes S-Class hybrid coming in 2008

DaimlerChrysler is reportedly preparing a hybrid version of its S-Class luxury sedan for sale in 2008. Likely spurred on by Lexus introducing the LS600h L at the 2006 New York auto show, Mercedes plans to offer a slightly different set up than its Japanese competitor. Whereas the LS600h L is a full hybrid pairing a 4.3L V8 with a pair of electric motors (it's named the LS600h L because Lexus claims the eng

Full, Assist, or Mild: Which Hybrid is for You?

So, you've been stuck with the same 1996 Chevy for the last ten years, and it's finally time to donate your car to charity and move up to something more modern. You're considering buying a hybrid car, but which one? Hybrid technology has been exploited by some bandwagon car manufacturers, and therefore, not all hybrids are the same. Some hybrids have great gas mileage, while others barely do any better than their gasoline-only counterparts. How do you know what's what?