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The cross-country tour featuring the FUEL movie bus and the Algaeus (the Prius running on algae biofuel) and other green vehicles has made it to Washington, D.C. After leaving San Francisco last week, the caravan made stops in Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania, among other places. Third Planet Energy's Michael Wittman was on the tour and wrote this about the experience:

The list of people who have appeared in an AutoblogGreen interview and on the Tonight Show (currently at a very low number - I'm thinking Ed Begley Jr. has talked with Jay, but who else?) will grow by one tomorrow night. Filmmaker Josh Tickell is scheduled to be on the couch along with Kevin Bacon and British pop musician Lily Allen. Tickell's movie Fuel is an updated version of Fields of Fuel, a documentary of Tickell's 11-year quest to popularize renewable, sustainable biodiesel while driving