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AVL unveils extended-range Fuel Cell Commuter

Powertrain engineering firm AVL choose the Austria Tec Week (PDF warning) at Expo 2010 Shanghai to debut its Fuel Cell Commuter (FCC), a high-tech electric vehicle with a hydrogen fuel cell range extender. At first glance, the FCC looks like nothing more than a multi-passenger golf cart sporting a large black tank in the rear, but looks can be deceiving. The FCC features an on-board hydroge

Ener1 developing fuel cells for use as range extenders

Apparently, even a battery company can hedge its bets on future automotive powertrain technology. Such is the case with Ener1, which held its first quarter earnings call yesterday. We've regularly covered updates from Ener1's lithium ion battery subsidiary, EnerDel, which just last week announced a deal to Sam Abuelsamid