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Friday Humor: Take a look at the greenest scooters ever

Assuming that these scooters were made from trees which had already run their life course here on earth, and were not cut down simply to be turned into these beasts, these are certainly what we could consider green. After all, they emit no carbon emissions. In fact, the do not emit at all. Nor does one need to worry where the electricity comes from, as they require none. I know it sounds too good to be true, but as you can see from the pictures, it's true. Gravity p

Friday Humor: Stop motion Vespa video

I know I put this under the "Friday Humor" category, but instead of our usual odd-crazy-zany-off-the-wall news report, this one is really just pretty cool. Somebody took a whole bunch of time and invested it into making this short Vespa-centric video. Notice that they started off belching fire and brimstone from the Vespa's exhaust, then it greens out a bit from there! Finally, they allow us to appreciate the fact that the Vespa i

Friday humor: Cleaning up America's roads, one city at a time

When your clothes get dirty, what do you do? Throw them in the washing machine right? Well, what to do when the roads of our country get dirty? Wash them, of course! And who is going to argue that pollution and harmful emissions are getting our roadways dirty? We also all love to see our nice, new, green cars all clean and looking their best, right? Now, we at AutoblogGreen are not suggesting that you take your cleaning too seriously, as in... sending "