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China produces its first freight hybrid locomotive

China has produced its first hybrid electric-diesel locomotive, the JT56ACe. The high powered diesel-electric model was jointly manufactured by CNR Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co. (DLoco) and USA-based Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc., (EMD, formerly a GM company). It's got a 6,000 hp diesel engine and its manufacturers claim that it's the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly locomotive in the world. It features dual isolated driver's cabins, low exhaust emissions, electronic fuel

European truckers on strike because of high fuel prices

Blocked borders, fuel pumps running out of gasoline, supermarkets that don't get fresh produce supply ... these are just a few of the consequences of a strike by Spanish and French truckers against high diesel prices. The strike is taking place this week.

How's this for a work benefit: drive a low-CO2 car for only ???1 a day

Dominique Laure, who is the owner of several freight companies in Loire-Atlantique and Gironde in France, has decided on a new benefit for his staff. Instead of salary raises, he will provide low CO2-producing car at €1 per worked day to his workers. So, 100 out of his 130 employees will pay €250 per year to drive a new, cleaner car. There is a little catch, though.

New Renault Kangoo Express Compact offers low-CO2 business option

So you run a small business in Europe and you don't want to spend a lot on transportation; plus, you want to save as much CO2 from going to the atmosphere as you can. Until now, your small panel van options were the Citroën Nemo/Peugeot Beeper or the Fiat Fiorino.

Goodyear joins EPA Smartway Transport partnership

Goodyear has announced that it has joined the EPA's Smartway Transport partnership. Smartway is a program aimed at reducing pollution from road freight transport and offers low-cost loans to make it easy for those in the truck industry to install fuel efficiency devices such as low-rolling resistance tires or to certify new vehicles as fuel-efficient. Goodyear also stated that its Fuel Max Line line of tires can reduce fuel consumption by four percent. By using these tires and other Smartway-cer

Scania introduces first ethanol-powered trucks

Scania has announced that, after 20 years of providing ethanol buses, the Swedish company (owned by Volkswagen) is going to sell ethanol trucks from the next model year onwards. The marque also announced agreements to build a network of fueling stations to make it easily available for small businesses to buy the biofuel. According to Scania's data, ethanol produced from sugarcane can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 percent compared to a regular diesel engine. Scania stated that it's

Smith EV announces electric truck factory for the US

Smith EV, which makes delivery vans and trucks in the UK and Europe, has finally announced its plans for the US: Up to 10,000 EV trucks will be built in a facility that "could be sited anywhere in North America, would require up to a 300 acre site, including a 500,000sq ft assembly facility, test track and space for rolling stock. It would create at least 500 jobs."