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When smart first decided to offer its diminutive fortwo in the United States, the automaker and Penske, the U.S. distributor, pegged a goal of 20,000 sales for its first year. That mark has come and gone, a full two months ahead of schedule. In early August, we heard that Penske had raised its sales expectations to somewhere between 24,000 and 27,500, a mark that shouldn't be hard to hit considering that over 7,000 units have been delivered in the last three months. This is the first year that t

Even though the Smart ForTwo is a great looking and popular car, there's just not a lot of places for crash impact energy to go in a vehicle this small. This is part of the reason that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when it announced crash test results for the ForTwo on Thursday, issued some lackluster ratings and a "safety concern" footnote to report a door coming unlatched during a side crash. Overall, the 2008 ForTwo scored four stars for the driver in a front impact, thr

The Truth About Cars used to say the Smart ForTwo excels at just one thing: unmetered parallel parking. In their review of the new ForTwo, TTAC says the second-generation vehicle is "a great idea in theory, a laughable device in practice. " They detail their charges here.