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Energy company Fortum, Mitsubishi to promote EVs in Scandinavia

Mitsubishi is partnering with energy company Fortum to promote the use of electric vehicles in Sweden and Finland by showing off the new iMiEV in those countries. Fortum generates and distributes electricity and heat in Scandinavia and the Baltic region. As an electricity provider, Fortum is obviously interested in promoting any devices that consume its product and is making plans to build a charging network in the region to facilitate the use of EVs.

Espoo, Finland gets an EV recharging network starting now

Future EV recharging networks? Plenty of them. Networks being built right now? Not that many. But thanks to our reader Antti, we found out that Finland's second largest city, Espoo, and the Fortum utility company are building an EV recharging network. Fortum also worked on the network in Stockholm, Sweden. Both Espoo and the utility company will use these stations next winter, with a plug-in Prius and an all-electric Fiat Doblò, Xavier Navarro

Ford's Cologne plant runs on renewable electricity

Ford has announced that the company's plant in Cologne, Germany is going to use electricity that comes exclusively from renewable sources. The energy comes from three hydro-power plants in Norway and Sweden that are owned by Vannkraft AS (Norway) and Fortum AB (Sweden), respectively, and provided to Ford through Rhein Energie AG.