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At the Detroit Metro airport today, Ford - along with U.S. Congressman John Dingell - are announcing the delivery of two of Ford's hydrogen-powered H2ICE buses. The special E-450 shuttles burn hydrogen in an internal combustion engine and are already in use in places like Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. Ford has built 30 H2ICE buses and 23 have now been delivered. Ford claims these shuttles offer CO2 emissions reduction of 99.7 percent (compared to a gasoline-fueled E-450, I'm guessing).

Boeing is currently working on a new unmanned high-altitude spy plane fueled by hydrogen. Unlike some other recent fuel cell-powered research planes this one uses internal combustion engines. It now turns out the engines are supplied by Ford. Boeing is using a 2.3L supercharged four-cylinder that Ford has been using in experimental Ford Focuses for the past several years. The engines have been tested running continuously for four days under conditions simulating flight at 65,000 feet. The HALE a